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Welcome to 3M Unitek Online Learning

This website gives you immediate access to our multimedia training library where you can learn about new and existing 3M Unitek products.

Keep up-to-date on new and innovative products and clinical techniques and earn CEU (USA) and CPD (UK) by taking 3M Unitek online CE classes, presented by expert dental clinicians.

Upcoming Live CE Webinars (view all)

enter classroom Precision Taken to the Next Level: Lingual Treatment with the Incognito™ Clear Precision Tray
Presenter: Dr. Dagmar Ibe    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  11/7/14  12:00 PM ET,  9:00 AM PT

Reliable and precise placement of brackets is essential for an ideal treatment result in lingual treatment. Now accuracy can be further improved with a new bonding tray. In this CE webinar Dr. Dagmar Ibe shares how the Incognito™ Clear Precision Tray has helped make her lingual cases easier to finish, and more accurate. She demonstrates clinical tips and tricks to optimize the usage of the Incognito Clear Precision Tray.    (enter class)

enter classroom What has the SmartClip™ System Done for My Practice?
Presenter: Dr. Lisa Alvetro    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  11/14/14  12:00 PM ET,  9:00 AM PT

Dr. Lisa Alvetro relies on the efficiencies of the SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System as her appliance of choice. In fact, her team wouldn’t want it any other way. Dr. Alvetro shares her team’s experience with the efficiencies of this unique self-ligating system. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System, Dr. Alvetro will also share tips on how you can realize efficiencies such as less effort to achieve optimal results, shorter chairtime and fewer appointments when treating with the SmartClip System.    (enter class)

enter classroom Technology for Better Orthodontics: Understanding Digital Workflow
Presenter: Dr. Neil Warshawsky    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  12/5/14  12:00 PM ET,  9:00 AM PT

Digital orthodontics is all the rage, but it raises a lot of questions: What is a digital workflow? What hardware and software is involved? How can it help my practice? In this CE webinar, Dr. Neil Warshawsky answers these questions and explains how digital workflows incorporating the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, the Incognito™ System, and Unitek™ Treatment Management Portal | TMP have expanded his treatment options while increasing his practice efficiency and profitability.    (enter class)

Featured CE Class (view all)

enter classroom Fixed Functional Class II Correctors: The 5 Most Common Questions and Answers
Presenter: Dr. Lisa Alvetro    CE Credits: 1 CEU

Fixed functional Class II correctors create a winning situation for doctors, patients, and staff and a predictable, positive experience. Dr. Alvetro will discuss case selection and presentation. She will also demonstrate that the Class II Appliance is an easy, cost effective tool in patient and practice management. She will share pearls and clinical tips.    (enter class)

Featured Product Tutorial (view all)

enter classroom Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Appliance System

Since their introduction, patients have appreciated the aesthetic qualities of Clarity™ Ceramic Brackets and the treatment efficiencies of SmartClip™ Self-Ligating brackets. Now the Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Brackets combine these elements into one simple appliance solution.    (enter class)

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